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On November 5, 2017,  a church was attacked in New Sutherland Texas.      At the end of the shooting 26 people had lost their lives, 20 others were wounded.


This shooting opened my eyes that our churches and classrooms are not a safe haven and have not been been taught sufficiently the tools to thwart attackers bent on hurting others.

I decided that I would be determined to never be a victim and that I would teach others the same. Since I am a worship minister and would never want to be in a situation where my church was being attacked and not be able to defend my church family, I decided to get my CCW permit. After getting my permit I made another decision, to get my teaching certification so I can prepare others to protect themselves. That is when I asked April Duffy, who has extensive firearm knowledge to join me in this venture. Now together we are offering people the opportunity to learn how to handle a firearm safely and proficiently and to help gain the knowledge to keep themselves and their families from being victims



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